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Small Stone Climbing The best bouldering gear on the planet.

Small Stone Climbing is an innovative bouldering company founded in Aspen, Colorado. Our designs are often conceived and tested beneath the granite boulders of Independence Pass. We strive to create products that enhance or compliment the bouldering experience. With durable materials and fresh concepts, we are changing the face of bouldering one pad at a time.

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Who are we?

Small Stone was founded in 2010 by three boulderers who wanted to make cool gear to climb with and cool stuff to wear.

Joe's Valley

What does Small Stone Climbing do?

Small Stone Climbing creates products for bouldering. We design and manufacture everything in the good ol' USA with quality materials and superior craftsmanship.



Small Stone Climbing makes products for bouldering and bouldering only. We've got you covered literally with cool t-shirts, sweatshirts, and beanies. We cover the ground with our crash pads - including our innovative pad blanket. If Small Stone Climbing doesn't make it, you don't need it.

Bouldering Stuff. crash pads, chalkpots, and bags.

S2 Crash Pad

The S2 Crash Pad is a burly beast. Built out of 1000 denier Cordura for awesome abrasion resistance, the pad measures 44" tall by 60" wide when opened and 44" x 30" when on your back. The S2 sports a 3" layer of open-cell foam sandwiched between two layers of .75" closed-cell foam. With a total of 4.5" inches of foam to absorb impacts, this rig will cushion your biggest falls.

Padded shoulder straps and waist-belt make transport a comfortable breeze. The S2 features a closure flap that keeps your stuff from falling out of the bottom of the pad (check out the S2 Flattie bag for an even better solution). When you get to the boulder the same flap covers up the harness system and keeps everything organized, out of the dirt, and snag free. Add some indestructible S2 stainless steel buckles and you've got yourself one beauty of a pad.

Built to order.


S2 Pad Blanket

Highball got you quivering? Want to stab for that crimp but aren't sure about your landing zone?

If your idea of a great day of bouldering doesn't include a turned ankle, then Small Stone Climbing's Pad Blanket is for you.

At .75" thick and 56" x 80" big, this baby is an awesome complement to any multi-pad set up. Designed to even landing zones and cover up those pesky gaps between pads (ankle eaters), the S2 Pad Blanket tri-folds and fits easily inside the S2 Crash Pad or any other pad 30" wide or larger. If you don't want to carry it in another pad, The Pad Blanket features a lightweight shoulder strap system and several drag handles to make transport easy. Also makes a great low-ball pad for those dab-tastic butt-draggers.

Made to order


S2 combo

The S2 System Combo combines the S2 Crash Pad, Pad Blanket, and S2 Flattie bag. That's everything you need for a sleek bouldering kit. Keep your butt safe and stuff organized!

Made to order.


S2 Flattie

Hate digging your car keys out of the middle of your pad? Tired of eating that flattened pb&j? Looking for a bag that helps your stuff stay organized and at hand while you are out for a sesh? The S2 Flattie bag is for you.

Built from the same 1000 denier Cordura as our S2 Crash Pad, the S2 Flattie features 3 zippered pockets for your goods. The large bottom pocket is perfect for a few pairs of rock shoes, and the two top ones are great for everything from car keys to lunch.

The Flattie conveniently attaches to the outside of the S2 Crash Pad. It also lays nice and flat so if for some reason you don't have an S2 Crash Pad, things will work out just fine.

Made to order


S2 messenger bagS2 messenger open view

Small Stone Climbing loves us a good messenger bag - so we designed this no-frills version for our trips to the bouldering gym. Perfect for a pair of shoes and an S2 chalk pot, this bag won't let you down. 1000 denier Cordura on the outside for toughness and a 14oz vinyl lining keeps your stuff dry. A zippered pocket up front keeps your essentials organized. Approximately 14" x 11" x 5"


S2 chalk pots

Like a lot of chalk? Who doesn't. Keep yours safe and warm in an S2 chalk pot. A dry-bag style closure system keeps the white stuff in and a zippered front pocket provides plenty of room for your finger tape, clippers, and extra essentials.




Clothes. T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Looking good!

S2 colorado t-shirt

A nice way to sport some CO pride at the crag. Not from Colorado you say? No worries! Everyone will look great in this t-shirt no matter what state you call home.


S2 hand drawn logo t-shirt

This hand drawn logo t-shirt looks great with chalk on it and is sure to impress that cute guy or girl at the base of your next project with its impeccable coolness and style.


S2 wilderness t-shirt

Tired of explaining the giant piece of foam on your back to every person that passes you on the way to the boulders? Save some breath with this stylish and informative t-shirt. Educate someone today!


S2 chimp tshirt

The monkeys know how to get it done. Show your support for our cousins by sporting this chimp with a chalkbag t-shirt. Guaranteed to add a little simian strength to your next session*

*not a guarantee, but you will look good in it...


Fall and Winter are upon us. Small Stone Climbing has some hoodies in the works to keep you warm.

Need a beanie to keep your bean warm? We thought so. They are coming soon...



Orderonline and custom ordering.

We are currently getting our online store set up. If you want to order any of our gear please send us an email at and we will get it out to you.

Contact Us (We want to hear from you)

Have a question or a problem? Drop us an email. Want to keep up to date on the latest happenings at Small Stone Climbing? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.